For several years we have been using our in house plasma cutter to create parts ranging from massive structural hangers to detailed pieces of art.

Our plasma cutter is capable of cutting steel, aluminum and stainless steel up to 3/4" of an inch thick. We can create simple parts on demand from the command console, and more intricate parts quickly with our CAD system and nesting program.


Twin City Fab is adept at machining metals of all kinds, from steel to brass and beyond. We use our CNC Machine Centers for everything from creating brass mandrels from solid blocks to boring ultra precise holes for excersise equipment.

TCFI operates three machine centers on a daily basis, the newest of which is a state of the art YCM XV 1250a. The YCM is capable of lightning fast tool changes, and super precise machining; all of which translates to better parts for cheaper for you. 

With our CNC machines we can work on projects that range vastly in size, material, and end use.


TCFI has a 175 ton CNC press brake that is capable of bending parts up to 12' long in addition to smaller and more complex parts. We also have a large number and variety of dies to meet almost any need imagineable.

Having a CNC brake enables us to store programs and save costs, which we can then pass on to our customers, on production parts.


If you have production parts you need quickly, we have the answer in our robot welder.

Our particular robot is a six-axis welder, meaning any motion your entire arm can make can be replicated by the robot.  Typically a robot can weld the same amount as two humans, and the welds are perfect every time.


TCFI has three CNC band saws that can cut any material to any length, at an angle.  We also have a variety of specialty saws to meet unique needs that a larger saw would be otherwise unable to cut.


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